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Water Resources Management

Global demand for water, both in terms of quality and quantity, is increasing rapidly in contrast to availability which is depleting at an alarming rate. The need for protection, management and sustainable development of water resources, both underground and above ground, has become very critical. EIT offers to mitigate this criticality using a structured approach involving assessment, identification, investigations, modelling and analysis, and design.

Our services include source identification, hydrological and hydrogeological modelling and analysis, hydraulics, investigations, Design of barrages, protection, catchment area studies, lift irrigation schemes, water quality assessment and design of dams.

Our service in Water Resources covers:

Minor, Medium & Major Dams

  • Selection of suitable site for construction of Dams, conceptual plan, Preliminary Alignment, Final location survey, study of catchments, Hydrology and Land information system for submergence including preparation of comprehensive database for horizontal & vertical controls, ownership details, profiles and utilities.
  • Stability analysis for existing Dams, Hydraulic study for dam appurtenant structures, review of various mechanical components such as head regulator, sluice gate, Under Water Videography including leak detection and turnkey solutions for arresting leakage.
  • Hydrological and Hydrogeological investigations, Study of high flood level, Geotechnical investigation and Geological mapping.
  • Detailed designs for sub structure, super structure including gates, preparation of construction drawings including technical assistance at the time of construction.

Water Management

  • Investigation and Mapping for command area development on various scales.
  • Detailed Planning, investigation, survey and design of network of main canal, branch, distributaries, minor and sub minors including C-Planning and Micro network planning.
  • Detailed designs for all the structures such as Cross Regulators, Head Regulators, Culverts, Siphon, Viaduct and Aqueduct.
  • Land plan schedule to acquire the land for construction of canals.
  • Preparation of detailed project report for major river water diversion projects (Trans Basin), lift irrigation schemes including preliminary planning, layouts, cost estimates and preparation of Tender documents.
  • Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services to monitor quality, physical & financial progress, certification of bills including close out report.
  • Canal Corridor Asset Management - Development of Irrigation Inventory management to support O&M which includes Canal Alignment, Base Map, Revenue/Cadastral details and Engineering Reports. A user-friendly GIS application to manage data by way of easy retrieval, analysing and reporting from database.
  • Watershed Development under Bellary district - Designed GIS based watershed management solution, which also included training to end-users. Main analysis of this solution includes identifying water potential zones and action plan for recharge of water table.

Water Supply

  • Identification of source for ensuring sustainable water supply scheme both in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Estimation of total Water requirement and also projection for the future expansion/development.
  • Site selection, investigation and detailed design for a suitable intake structure including preparation of construction drawings and Bill of Quantities (BOQ).
  • Feasibility study, Route selection including optimisation for Raw water pipeline, Detailed survey & investigation, Designs, Preparation of construction drawings and BOQ.
  • Planning and Designs of distribution network for urban requirements, industrial requirement including Pumping Mains, Ground Level Tanks (GLTs), Elevated Water Tanks (EWTs), Preparation of construction drawings, BOQ and Tender documents.
  • Project Management Consultancy Services (PMC) for construction of intake structures, raw water pipeline, GLT, EWT and Distribution network involving Quality Monitoring, Progress Monitoring, Certification of bills and close out reports.

Sewerage & Storm water drainage

  • Design sewer mains PVC & GRP network, Sewage Pumping Stations (SPS) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) including design of Stabilisation Ponds and Extended Aeration Systems. Preparation of detailed construction drawings, Cost estimates, BOQ and Tender documents.
  • Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Services involving Quality Monitoring, Progress Monitoring, Certification of bills and close out reports in respect of various activities involved during execution of sewage collection, pumping main, treatment plants, etc.
  • Design of storm water drainage system for Towns, Cities, Industrial Establishments including integrated townships.
  • Web GIS based Asset Management for City Water supply, Sanitary and storm water network - Design and development of web application for Management of City utility network. The system manages city utility network in enterprise geo database with functions to support Engineering and O&M.