Admin, eit,eitech,e i technology,e i technologies,Civil Concultancy work for Transportation (Roads, Highways & Bridges), Structures, Landscaping, Oil & Gas pipe lines, Public Health, Water Resources, GIS, Project Management, IT and Business Solutions.

At EIT, we work to offer innovative business solutions. We provide effective options that address the delivery and management of technological and holistic solutions in specific fields of engineering covering natural and built environment, and Information Technology. We leverage our core expertise and that of our associates to provide innovative, sustainable and affordable consultancy and design services.

EIT?s team possess diverse expertise, capability and resources to undertake and execute Feasibility, Development and Investigation Studies including Designs in specific fields of engineering like Highways, Bridges, Structures, Landscaping, Water Resources, Oil and Gas pipelines, GIS, Project Management and IT Solutions.

We at EIT believe our innovative potential is unique which is driven by Client needs and integrates necessary quality control standards, timely delivery and high professional ethics. Our expertise in blending Information Technology with conventional methods is one of our competitive edges.